Honolulu's Oasis...

Poolside BBQ Cookout

Served for Lunch (11:00 am to 2:00 pm)
& Dinner (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm)


(choice of two)
Misoyaki Chicken
Korean Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Boneless Kalbi
Pulehu Short Ribs
Grilled Crispy Pork Belly with Tomato & Onion
Mongolian BBQ Ribs
Western Style BBQ Ribs
Hoisin & Black Bean BBQ Pork Ribs
(additional entrée ~ $4.00 per person)

From the Grill

(choice of one)
8-oz Pulehu New York Steak – or – Ribeye Steak


(choice of one)
Steamed Rice
Fried Noodles
Pancit Noodles
Baked Ranch Mashed Potato
Bara Sushi


(choice of one)
Ewa Sweet Corn-on-the-Cobb
Grilled Marinated Summer Vegetables
(zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper, mushroom, asparagus, cherry tomato)


(choice of four)
Mixed Greens with Condiments & House Dressing
Caesar Salad
Chinese Chicken Salad
Fried Noodle & Char Siu Salad
Vegetable Platter with Dip
Korean Long Rice Salad
Somen Salad
Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad
Red Miso Potato Salad
Okinawan Sweet Potato & Imitation Crab Salad
Potato Macaroni Salad
Kim Chee
Soy & Garlic Edamame
Li Hing Pineapple
Layered Jell-O
(additional salad ~ $3.00 per person)


(choice of one)
Assorted Brownies
Apple Crisp
HCC Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bean Anglaise


Fruit Punch & Iced Tea
40 person minimum

+$150.00 chef attendant fee for 1-½ hours ~ Additional fee for overage time at station Number of attendants will be based on action station & count

To Enhance Your Buffet

Oysters with Lemon, Shoyu & Tabasco (60 pieces per order) – Market Price
Ahi Sashimi – Market Price
Soy Ginger Ahi Poke – $225.00
Spicy Ahi Poke – $225.00
Limu Ahi Poke – $225.00
Garlic Tako Poke – $175.00
Flank Steak & Ogo Poke – $225.00
Spicy Salmon & Tobiko Poke – $200.00
Imitation Crab Poke – $150.00

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