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Non-Resident Golf Membership


  • Access to dining and banquet facilities at Honolulu Country Club, a private Members-only Club.
  • Periodic invitations to Club special events; e.g., Bingo Night, etc.
  • Enrollment includes spouse.


Applicants for NON-RESIDENT Membership must be at least 21 years of age and are subject to review and approval by the HCC Executive Committee.  Applicants agree to follow all HCC house rules and policies.


Non-Resident Golf Membership in HONOLULU COUNTRY CLUB is non-transferable, which means that the membership may not be sold or transferred, and non-proprietary, which means that the Non-Resident Golf Members do not have equity interest in the Club. Non-Resident Golf Membership in Honolulu Country Club allows the Members usage, without restriction, of all Club facilities including the golf course, swimming pool, dining and banquet services, and the Clubhouse. A Non-Resident Golf Member may make golf tee time reservation up to a maximum of 14 days in advance of the date of play. Spouses have the same privileges as Members. A Non-Resident Golf Member may extend an invitation to guests to enjoy the Club facilities with applicable restrictions.

  • An HCC charge account will be established for the applicant upon acceptance in the HCC NON-RESIDENT Membership Program.
  • The NON-RESIDENT Member agrees to maintain his account in good standing.
  • Non-Resident membership is only available to non-residents of the State of Hawaii.
  • Membership is effective until termination, resignation or death of the Member.
  • The Initiation Fee is non-refundable and due with the completed application form.
  • Non-Resident Members and spouses are allowed to play golf a maximum of 40 times each per calendar year. Once this limit is reached, green fees apply for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • Fee Schedule:
    Initiation Fee: $15,000
    Annual Dues: 3,600


Resignation by the Member shall be executed by written notice.
Any Non-Resident Member may be terminated at the sole discretion of HCC.
The Non-Resident Membership program may be revoked at the sole discretion of HCC without prior notice.

Member and spouse shall each be issued an Non-Resident Membership card.  The card must be presented when using the facility for proper identification, charging privileges, and account reconciliation.   Member may authorize dependent(s) or Corporate Signers to utilize the food and beverage facilities and charge expenses to the Member’s HCC account. Charges incurred by authorized users shall become the responsibility of the Member, and are eligible for crediting toward the Member’s quarterly minimum expenditure requirement. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Non-Resident Member to advise HCC via written notification of any change in the disposition of the Member; e.g. resignation, lost or stolen Associate Membership card, change of address, change of authorized users, and other pertinent or related information. All indebtedness as a result of the Member’s failure to appropriately notify HCC of the aforementioned changes shall be the responsibility of the Member (until such time that notification is received by HCC) and billed to the Member’s bank credit card accordingly.