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Intermediate Membership

Intermediate Membership is designed for active young professionals. Intermediate Membership provides full access to all Club facilities including golf course, swimming pool, dining and banquet services, and the clubhouse, without restriction except as may be decided and/or amended from time to time by the Executive Committee. Intermediate Members pay no initiation fee to join the Club. Instead, they pay a slightly higher monthly dues rate than Regular Members.
Features of Intermediate Membership:

  • There is no initiation fee.
  • Intermediate Membership is available to individuals only (no corporate offering).
  • Spouse enjoys the same privileges as the Member.
  • Member and spouse have full access to all Club facilities. Children must be accompanied by parents at all times while on Club premises.

    Intermediate Members have two options to convert to Regular Membership:
  1. After 5 years an Intermediate Member may convert to Regular Membership by paying 1/2 of the then current initiation fee,


  2. After 15 years an Intermediate Member is automatically converted to Regular membership.

    In either case, an Intermediate Member must agree to remain an Intermediate Member for a minimum of 5 years. Under the terms of Intermediate Membership he may terminate his membership prior to that time only by paying all of the monthly dues remaining up to the 5-year mark and 50% of the initiation fee in effect at that time.

    Intermediate Membership Fee Schedule

    Monthly Dues:                                                                                                   $710
    F&B Quarterly Minimum Spending Requirement (excluding tax & gratuity)     $495

    All membership programs shall be consistent with and governed by The Rules of Membership of Honolulu Country Club