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Membership Information

There are four types of membership currently available at Honolulu Country Club: Equity Membership, Regular Membership, Intermediate membership, and Associate Membership. Equity Membership is an investment share in the Club with full access to all Club facilities and is the only membership type that will become transferable once the Club attains certain membership goals. Regular Membership provides the same full access to all facilities. Intermediate Membership provides the option of full membership without the requirement of initiation fee, in lieu of higher monthly dues. Associate Membership is a dining membership that requires neither initiation fee nor monthly dues, and is designed for non-golfers who wish to enjoy the Club's superb food and beverage services, facilities, and special events. Contact us at 808.441.9400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Proper Behavior by Members and Guests

Please note that as Members of Honolulu Country Club, you are not only responsible for your own actions, but also those of your guests. When you invite guests to the Club please advise them that proper dress, behavior, and decorum is expected at all times while on the premises. Harassment of Club staff or other Members and guests will not be tolerated. Please always treat the staff and other Members and guests with the same respect you hope to receive. Inappropriate language, touching, as well as soliciting Club employees for other positions elsewhere will not be tolerated. Club rules detail disciplinary action for improper conduct by Members. We appreciate your help in maintaining Honolulu Country Club as a safe, congenial, and enjoyable place for all.